There are always great natural events happening in Northern Colorado.

Whether you want to expose your very young kids to the outdoors, of if it is you that needs some wide open space, there are more options than just going for a hike by yourself.

Meet like minded people and delve into your areas of interest with these great activities with Larimer County Open Spaces.

Tiny Trekkers

It's easy to raise kids that love the outdoors. Just take them out there. Especially at younger ages, the great feel of the wild will fill them (and you, hopefully) with a deeper sense of peace and connection.

This program starts with kids as young as two years old.

Tiny Trekkers is at Devil's Backbone Open Space in August.

Learn About Predators

Your chances of having trouble with a big predator on a standard hike are very low...but they still exist. There are signs at some of the trails, like one at Reservoir Ridge, that warn of the possibility of running into a mountain lion. It makes one think a few times before heading up the trail.

What are the dangers? What do these majestic creatures really do with their time? Learn about our carnivorous neighbors in their habitat. This one has some more intense hiking involved.

Junior Rangers

There is nary an age group or area of interest left out. Junior Rangers helps stoke the interest of kids and adults.

They go to River Bluffs Open Space and Horsetooth Mountain Park.

Botany, Astronomy and more

The programs that are offered vary according to seasons. Botany doesn't work as well in the winter, so at those times they offer things like eagle watching. Summertime, though, is all about the plants. It should be especially interesting this season, since we've had more moisture than ever, and this program may talk about how that affects what grows, the way it blooms, and if more and different plants pop up when Colorado is so wet.


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