It's been my goal to do more hiking and exploring in our natural areas. I'm a cheapskate and I was short on time, so I headed to Pineridge Natural Area to explore around Dixon Reservoir. Free and parking near Hughes Stadium, off Ovlerand. I took lots of pictures to share with you below.

I went during the week and only came across 3 other people in my 2 hours there. This trail is for walking, running, mountain biking and dogs on leash. Kids would do well, except the hill in and out is pretty steep and there is very little shade. I would suggest parking at the Dixon Reservoir parking lot, if you have kids with you. Lots of steps, but easier to avoid sliding on loose rocks.

There was one fisherman at Dixon in his kayak. They have a special ramp to pull your kayak back up to the parking lot, very helpful. No swimming in the water and several other rules apply.

This is a great place to get into nature if you don't have a lot of time or a parks pass. I also thought it was cool that one of Fort Collins Wildlife Cameras is set up here. Meaning, lots of wildlife also explore these trails.

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