File this under the "WTF" file, for sure... a man was captured on video Friday walking into the Pet Ranch at Colorado Boulevard and E 120th Ave. in Thorton, wearing a mask and what looks like a backwards baseball cap. He was wearing a dark blue hoodie and jeans, and walked up to a small kennel with some puppies inside.

Surveillance video shows him scooping up two tiny, teacup Yorkshire terrier puppies and promptly walking out of the store with them tucked in one arm against his stomach.

While one customer at the counter seemed to notice the man exit, it's not known from the video whether or not anyone realized he was walking out with the dogs.

9News reports the puppies are microchipped and if scanned, will ping back as stolen. But the larger concern is that the puppies are so young and tiny that they require a special diet to avoid going hypoglycemic and the employees at the pet store are obviously concerned whoever has the puppies won't know this, and won't properly care for them.

Never mind the "why" of somebody stealing puppies or how they managed to do so in broad daylight. At this point, most are simply concerned for their well being.

If you know anyone who's come into possession of any new pets - specifically a teacup Yorkshire terrier puppy, you're encouraged to call the Thornton Police Department's non-emergency number at 720-977-5150.

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