“Time may be linear, but it’s not aligned. It’s a subjective experience, a tube of itself…psychedelic.”

Nate Dorlac, publicly known as the bassist for Los Toms, the ethereal “desert fuzz” rock band, and one of the minds behind Psych's Peak, a concert experience notoriously run from a generator in the woods, has created an expansive, psychedelic experience called Endless Fest. This two-day celebration (Friday, Sept. 3 and Saturday, Sept. 4) is based around the infinite and unbounded theme of time. It highlights the talent, dedication, and passion of local artists, both music and makers alike, bringing attention and recognition to underrepresented genres while acting love letter to music: a power we can tap into, honoring it as a force greater than ourselves.

Taking inspiration from Desert Daze, Endless Fest is a highly produced show with incredible set design and careful planning. Featuring visuals by Liquid DisquiseMothpowder Light ShowNyeron, Charlie Clams, and Jay Fractal, along with incredible set design, Endless Fest is a “two day, multi-venue showcase” taking place at two distinct locations, five stages, and featuring dozens of local artists.

Endless Fest is will be held at 7 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 3 at the Atrium and 1 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 4 at the Lyric Cinema.

Dorlac has been working hard to plan the show and has been dedicated to putting the community first, emphasizing that all money made will go back to the bands and everyone who made this show possible. Jumping through hoops to make this show possible and safe, Dorlac asks anyone who plans on going to take appropriate safety precautions. Make sure to bring your vaccination cards or negative test results with you, stating, “Our community doesn’t exist in a void, we need to care for and about each other.” 

If you are interested in volunteering, email lostomsrecords@gmail.com. 

Check out the artists involved!



Dry Ice

Lucid Blues

Michael Jennings

Click on Michael's name to get a preview of his music before the event!

Los Toms

The Crooked Rugs

Ms Nomer

Easy Lovin’

The Savage Blush

Ezra Burns


The Ugly Architect

The Red Scare

Shadow Work

The Nova Kicks

Ash Redhorse

Spliff Tank

King Crawdad

Audio Graphic

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