A cautionary tale for sure: Potting soil is flammable.

20 homes were destroyed or severely damaged because of an outdoor potted plant.

XXXL Fire Background

On Monday night (March 26, 2018) there was a three-alarm fire in Colorado Springs as firefighters fought to put out a fire started by somebody's cigarette that they put out in a potted plant. The soil in that pot began to smolder and eventually caught fire- that fire ignited a natural gas line.

In the end, 20 homes in a complex were burned, leaving 70 people homeless.

There's probably no question that the person who put their cigarette out in the pot had no intention of a huge fire ensuing. It was an accident.

However, it does bring up the fact that folks should take care with not only discarded cigarettes but with potting soil, too. The Poudre Fire Authority recently deal with the same sort of fire-

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