Just what you need to see, another Tim Tebow post right ? Sunday, I was under the weather and so caught the game off and on between napping.

I've since been able to watch the highlights on line on NFL.com.

WOW! What a great team performance.

When I recently visited my Mom and Dad in Florida, my Dad and I shared a Bronco' game. He's never been a big fan of pro football, but followed the Florida Gator's when Tebow was there.

My Dad is a very religious man and I could tell he was taken with Tebow's unabashed expression of his faith. It's not like the kid is proselytizing, he's just saying thanks. Good for him.

I recently read an article where the commentator was commenting that if someone were publicly expressing they're faith in Islam or Judaism they may not get the attention Tebow does. Maybe, I don't know.

Also, I don't care.

I just like the unbridled enthusiasm that number 15 brings every minute.

His demeanor is one of non stop effort and unselfishness. No wonder people have taken to him. Every time I look at this young man I see a genuine, honest and passionate individual. We could all take a lesson from a man who has taken an opportunity and grown with every hour he's been given. Refreshing in the world of professional sports in particular.

God Bless Tim Tebow!