Through the rest of June, RETRO 102.5 - The 70's, 80's and More, will have your chance at winning concert tickets to great 'RETRO' artists - three times every workday.

It's time for you to go and see a show. You've had to cancel plans for this and that, because of the pandemic; now, artists that you love are coming to town and we have your chance at free tickets, while you listen while you work to RETRO 102.5.

RETRO 102.5 is the station that recently was able to announce that Linda King from Greeley was going to see Paul McCartney at MetLife Stadium, because she listens to RETRO 102.5. Now, we have Fort Collins' and Northern Colorado's chance at seeing one of 10 great shows coming to town.

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While you listen at work to RETRO 102.5 through June, not only will your get '8-5 No Repeat Workdays,' and 102.5 Minutes of Commercial-Free Music starting at 9:30, you'll also have three chances at concert tickets for the summer of 2022.

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  1. At 7:15 and 8:15, Chris Kelly will have the RETRO Rewind - Chris will give concerts tickets to a show to a listener that has identified the song played backwards.
  2. At 12:20, Kama will give out a Ticket Window Code Word- message that word back to us with the RETRO 102.5 app - one random winner will be drawn from all that message back.
  3. At 4:20,  Dave Jensen and the Hot Tub Time Machine of '80's Trivia will give away concert tickets to the first caller with the correct answer.

We appreciate you listening to RETRO 102.5 while you work- This is our way of saying 'Thank You!'

Good Luck!

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