Greetings, Northern Colorado - it’s me, again. My name is Chris Kelly. You might remember me from such NoCo things as Colorado Eagles games prior to Big Rob taking over in 2013, or a gazillion other events around town. Or even another, different radio station a bit further on down the dial for about 15 years.

But as with all things in life, things change, and after a hiatus I’ve happily landed back on your NoCo radio each weekday morning from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. on RETRO 102.5.

So what’s happened with me since the last time we spoke? Man, where do I even start?

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First and foremost, the biggest change in the last six or so years is I’m now married. My wife’s name is Laura and she’s imported from jolly old England. Most of our friends thinks she talks a little funny, but I don’t notice it anymore. That being said, I'll warn you now: a British expression might slip out of my mouth on the air now and again as a result. If I say something weird, feel free to make fun of me for it. My cultural lines are bloody blurry nowadays!


Together, we have two insanely cute young daughters named Callie and Cate. Callie is three and Cate just turned one a couple of months ago. They are the light in my life, and I promise not to overload you talking about them, but you’ll probably get sick of hearing about them anyway.

I know most parents rightfully think their own children are pretty cute - which I’m sure there’s some kind of scientific reason for - but I genuinely believe our girls are authentically adorable. Either people are very polite when they say as much, or they actually, genuinely are. You can judge for yourself.

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Let’s see, what else? Oh, so, this bit is sort of terrifying but rest assured, all is well now. A couple of years ago, I had open heart surgery. I know. Didn’t see that one coming, did ya? That makes two of us!

Long story short, at the ripe young-ish age of 41, over the summer I had some random kind of burning that would happen in my chest now and again, and I’d find myself trying to catch my breath if I over-exerted a bit too much.

A quick cardiologist visit and some blood work showed I didn’t have high cholesterol, I didn’t have high blood pressure, or really anything wrong other than some family history of heart issues, so they scheduled a nuclear stress test for a closer look.

Six minutes into that stress test, they called an ambulance. Turns out my left main artery was 90-95% blocked, and they scheduled me for an emergency double coronary artery bypass. At 41 years old. I would have been one of those “Oh, he was just so young to go” guys, if not for my doctor's keen eye and my gut instinct that something was just not right.

Fortunately, I didn’t suffer any long-lasting damage to my heart, though my life has obviously changed forever as a result of it all, not to mention the monster scar down the center of my chest. I was going to give you a look at it, but a shirtless pic on my first day feels a little too over the top.

It was all a terrifying experience, but to put things in perspective, imagine how lucky I now feel to be not only here on RETRO 102.5, but anywhere at all.

Married. Two amazing kids. And I got another chance to do life. Aside from those few things, what else could I add to catch you up on my world the last few years? Everything else would just be a footnote.

I can’t wait to begin the rest of this journey with you again on your radio each weekday morning. Please feel free to reach out and say hello anytime!

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