With the TWO major art shows happening the same weekend in Loveland, and in the same general area, parking is going to be a nightmare.  Shuttle up. There will be six shuttles running-  get the details and then get onboard!

Benson Park
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The 49th annual ‘Art in the Park' and the 32nd annual ‘Sculpture in the Park’ show are happening this weekend (Aug 8/9, 2015) in Loveland.  ‘Sculpture in the Park’ happens at Benson Sculpture Garden, while ‘Art in the Park’ happens across the street at North Lake Park.

In the future I can totally see ‘Art in the Park’ moving to not another date, but another park, as Mehaffey Park just opened in early August; but that’s for next year. This year, there'll be thousands of people in that one area. Parking? Forget about it. Sure, some people will get there early enough to grab the good spots, but really.. driving around there is going to be nuts, just the same.

That’s where the shuttles come in. Both shows have lined up shuttle stops around Loveland to get you to their shows. As you look at where the stops are, the only area of town not accommodated is downtown; so if you live downtown, I guess you’ll have to bike-in.

What is IMPORTANT to know about the shuttles—is that that the shuttles are going to the same places. The two shows are across the street from each other.  So what’s the big deal? The big deal is, you don’t want the shuttle dropping you off on the wrong side of 29th. Though they’ll have traffic control—it’s going to be hot, and drivers will be cranky. It’s best to get dropped off where you actually WANT to be.

So, make sure your shuttle is going to the right show before you get on.  Also- the two shows ARE sharing the same shuttle stops – with ONE exception.  Take a look:

Shuttle location #1 (Shared)        King of Glory Church (Wilson and 29th)

Shuttle Location #2 (Shared)       City of Loveland Service Center (Wilson and 1st Street)

Shuttle Location #3 (Shared)       Thompson Valley Towne Center (Taft and Hwy 402)

Shuttle Location #4 (Shared)       Orchards Shopping Center (29th and 287)

Shuttle Location #5 for ‘Art in the Park’ - Buffalo Wild Wings – at the Marketplace at Centerra

Shuttle Location #5 for ‘Sculpture in the Park’ – Massage Envy – ALSO at the Marketplace at Centerra

The hours of the shuttles are the same for both shows.  The first shuttles TO the shows will leave at 8:30 a.m. on both days.  The last shuttles to get TO the shows will leave at 3:30 p.m. on both days. The last shuttles BACK to the stops will leave the shows at 7 p.m. on Saturday and at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Yes-- the shuttles are FREE!  So, take advantage and have fun!

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