'Iscariot' is the name of the metal sculpture that used to be in Downtown Loveland. It's now off scaring Colorado Springs. From above. Yikes!

According to its artist, Trace O'Connor, 'Iscariot' depicts a mermaid gracefully leaving her perch to take flight. To me, it's always been 'that scary lady-octopus with razors' sculpture. Art is subjectable, for sure.

I'd heard that the sculpture was on its way to Colorado Springs for the same kind of art exhibit it was in, while in Loveland. I thought, 'I'll kind of miss seeing her; kind of.'

Turns out, that The Springs has taken 'Iscariot' up a notch. Up, on top of a building in their downtown, leering down on the public!


Roadside America has a great photo of where it sits, now, HERE!

You can find out more about how they got it up there, HERE!

See ya, Iscariot!

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