Having grown up in Loveland, I'm a big supporter of Benson Sculpture Garden. It was started in 1985; 31 years later, it's a city treasure. I stopped by the other day to take pictures of the six new pieces they added.

It's hard to believe that they can actually fit over 150 pieces into Benson Sculpture Garden, isn't it? Technically, they can't. They EXPANDED the 'garden' in 2015 across 29th Street, just west of Loveland Hight School.  According to their site, at the summer of 2015 they had 148 pieces. In July of 2016, they added six more- that would make 154 great sculptures! You really need to go to the park/garden to check them ALL out, but you can take a look at the six new ones, here!

Of course, my photography doesn't nearly do the pieces justice; you need to visit the garden to see these and ALL the sculptures. I recommend reading the article by Kenneth Jessen from The Reporter-Herald; he has lots of information about the six artists and their pieces.

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