Loveland put up their ‘Equinox’ sculpture in September of 2014. It sits 50 feet off the ground at the I-25 and Hwy 34 interchange. Three blue horses heading west towards Loveland. We're here to explain what those three horses represent! 

Loveland loves sculptures! There’s no denying it. Seems everywhere you go in town, you come across some sculpture. You may not know, but the reason Loveland became such a sculpture-laden city, is because the foundries to produce sculptures were here first. It just became easier for artists to move to where the foundries are. More artists, more sculptures. True story.

The city’s “Welcome to Loveland” piece of art is Equinox. The sculpture draws a lot of attention just east of I-25 on Hwy 34. Why wouldn’t it? Three giant, blue horses can cause a stir. It sits large and in charge way up there off the ground; and most times, you’re driving past at speeds over 75 miles an hour, making it tough to get a bead on the intricacies of Equinox.

It occurred to me, that when you’re trying to figure out what Equinox is all about, you can’t really find any concise info on it. So, I enlisted the help of one of our digital-content contributors, Madi Scruggs, and we created a simple, informative and hopefully entertaining video to tell you what ‘the three blues horses at the interstate’ are all about!

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