Nearly six million people live in Colorado, with more and more coming to the Centennial State every year.

With all the people that love Colorado, there are more than a few folks with reasons to just want to move away.

We could go on, and on, about all the great things we love about Colorado (which we have,) but let's talk about why living in Colorado can drive you nuts. Are these reasons enough to actually pack up and leave?

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Maybe you grew up in Colorado and now find certain things about living here annoying; perhaps you met someone who lived here and moved for them and can't take it, anymore.

It could be that a job brought you to Colorado, and now you wish it hadn't

This list of reasons to dislike living in Colorado might be enough for justifying a move to a new state; or, it could just be a list of things to "gripe" about while you continue to love living in Colorado. People do like to complain, right?

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Hopefully, you can take a look at the list, and feel better that others feel the same as you; that bond may keep you from packing your bags:

If THEY haven't moved away, then I can stay, too.

On the other hand, you may see the list and agree so much, that it sends you over the edge:

They're so right! Why are we still here, anyway?


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With all the people that love Colorado, there are more than a few that have reasons to just want to move.

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