Most of us wouldn't screw around whenever we see a police car, no matter where it's from - even when we see one from towns or even counties away, which always arises my curiosity.

Would this hold true for you if you saw a CSU cop off campus?

It should, because I learned from my wife, who manages an office on campus, that in fact the CSU Police Department has legal jurisdiction over all of the City of Fort Collins, Larimer County, and all University and State-owned property; so yes, they are a full service law enforcement agency.

So, as the image in the post indicates, and as Eric Cartman from South Park infamously exclaimed early in the show's run, if I'm a CSU cop, you have to "Respect ma authoritaaaa!!!"

I hope this information never makes a difference to you, but for anyone who wants to shrug off the authority of these officers, just know it will be them who gets the laugh.


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