The goats are coming, and many of them have actually already arrived...and no, it's not really an invasion in the normal sense but they are coming for a pretty good reason. Goats love to eat weeds and most of us hate dealing with weeds so...WIN/WIN.

According to 9 News, a resident down in Parker was alarmed when she noticed some guy with a giant tank and a hazmat suit spraying some blue stuff all around to kill some weeds and who knows what else, so she decided to take some action.

She hit up her HOA and together, they decided to come up with another option, a more natural and safer one...goats.

Over the next 10 days, yards and fields surrounding the homes in her neighborhood will be full of hundreds of bleating goats, chomping down on weeds.

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According to Malmberg and Benz, their goats do more than just weed. Their split hooves till the soil, their waste fertilizes native grasses, and after they have a drink of water, they spread those nutrients around the field, too. Hmmm...I learned a few new things about goats and weeds today.

Eight hundred goats were brought in for this project. Overall that's about 40 tons of self propelled power working. The goats ensure the weeds can't reproduce by completely stripping the plants from the flowers to the leaves.

Even though I have a kid to take care of our weeds, I think it would be pretty cool to have some of these goats hanging out in the yard taking care of some weeds.

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