My quick guide to a truck stop wedding. Yes, you read that right.

I get it, cutesy Pinterest-worthy engagement photos and Mason jar receptions are for some -- but not for all of us. So what do you do if you dream of little-to-no planning, 'pinning' or paying for things? Well, you could head downtown to the courthouse... but they don't have cinnamon rolls. Here's what I suggest:

Shelby Taylor-Thorn/TSM

1. Meet someone really cool that you're like, 'Yeah OK. I could hang out with you every day until I die.' This is the most important step.

2. Find something to wear what makes you feel pretty. Who cares if it's even white? I skipped the four-figure wedding gown, and went for a vintage Gunne Sax dress I found in a Fort Collins thrift store for $14 and made myself a flower crown out of tree blossoms (which meant I had to get this wedding over with quickly, because those suckers were dead after an hour).

3. Go to a truck stop chapel. In Northern Colorado, we have one at Johnson's Corner off of I-25 in Johnstown. They're open 24/7 and have those aforementioned cinnamon rolls. Locate the chaplain. The door to the chapel is unlocked but sometimes he's inside the truck stop drinking coffee and doing a Sudoku (but remember, Jesus is watching...).

4. Grab some witnesses. You need someone there for when they say 'speak now or forever hold your peace.' A trucker with a cool hat, a Johnson's Corner waitress or Dale, the 'regular' eating pancakes and bacon in the corner booth; doesn't matter.

5. Tie the knot. Say what you need to say, put a ring on and then fire up the awesome playlist you made and take off to wherever it is you're going next, and, most importantly...

6. Start your new life together by sharing a cinnamon roll. Congratulations, you're married. In. Out. Done. No stress and no bride-zilla. AND A MASSIVE CINNAMON ROLL*.

*I married the cinnamon roll. Just kidding, but I also never signed a marriage license, so I'm still up for grabs if someone wants to call dibs on me at the Johnson's Corner chapel.