One of the biggest benefits to living in Northern Colorado is all the crap that people throw away...and yes, you read that right.  NoCo has such a bevy of secondhand stuff that it's easy to get distracted or overwhelmed when you set out shopping for one man's trash.   Either the stuff is not as vintage as you wanted (yeah, I'm going to put that ziplock bag full of secondhand underwear right back on the shelf) or the Fort Collins hipsters have already descended on the cool mid-century chair you had your eye on when you first walked in.

We actually have quite a few Fort Collins hipsters in our building (including myself) who actually know a thing or two about thrift store shopping, and the thing is, the best places aren't all in Fort Collins.  We've compiled a list for you to see exactly where to go for exactly what you're looking for and if we didn't cover your favorite place-- let us know in the comments!

Disagree with some of our choices? Let us know in the comments where YOU think the best thrift store in Fort Collins is.

Don't forget-- thrifting can be hard work sometimes.  Rolling up your sleeves and breaking out the rubber gloves are only a few tips that the Swanson sisters gave in their interview on smart thifting a few months ago, so here are some general tips to remember.