According to the Denver Post, gas prices in Colorado and the nation continue to fall and filling your tank below two dollars a gallon could be in the foreseeable future.

While average gas prices across the nation are at $2.29/gallon, the average price in the Denver metro area (including Fort Collins) was $2.51. This comes from the latest information supplied by the GasBuddy website. This is a drop of almost eight cents in one week. This is also down almost over a dollar over the past year.

Colorado prices are down to $2.55 as an average.

The price drop is being attributed to stations switching to the winter gasoline which is much cheaper than the summer mix. Add in the low cost of a barrel of oil right now, it compounds to savings at the pumps for consumers.

Here are the lowest prices right now across the region, according to Gasbuddy:

Fort Collins - 

$2.37 (Cash Only): Safeway, located at 1426 Harmony Road near McMurry

Loveland - 

$2.47: Sam's Club, located at 1200 East Eisenhower and Redwood

Greeley - 

$2.35: Sinclair, located at 555 East 8th Street near Ash Avenue

Windsor - 

$2.32 (Cash Only): Safeway, located at 1535 Main Street



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