In Berthoud for the next couple of weeks, you'll find this blooming agave plant, that was planted 16 years ago. It's an amazing feat of nature.

It's a once-in-a-lifetime event happening in Berthoud at the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District. campus, in their public Conservation gardens.

The Reporter-Herald talked to a former staffer at the paper, Jeff Stahla, who is now the spokesperson for 'Northern Water.' Jeff says that this Parry's agave (also known as a 'Century Plant' started off as a small bush when it was planted in 2004, but is now around 20 feet tall as it begins to bloom.

The stalk will bloom hundreds of yellow flowers, that will help the species continue on for decades. After this agave is done blooming, it dies.

I asked Jeff via Twitter how much tequila might this plant produce, and he said that if they had harvested the plant early on, it might have produced one shot of tequila. I would have thought that it would be at least a pint. Of course, it was made in Colorado it would be mezcal.

The public can go visit the agave, following social distancing rules, between sunrise and sunset at their gardens located at 220 Water Avenue in Berthoud. But, you might want to get out there soon, as it's about done blooming.

Get more on the Parry's agave from the Reporter-Herald HERE.

Here's a great video showing how Berthoud's plant may have also developed over the years:

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