The Choice City has done it again, nearly making it to the top of yet another list of the 'Best' places. Though beer does have to do with it, it's not really about craft beer.

There are hundreds of reasons to love living in The Choice City: great open spaces, the parks, Old Town Square, the CSU Rams, all the craft breweries, Horsetooth Reservoir to name a few. Who, now, has singled out Fort Collins?


One reason many love to live in Fort Collins, is its vibrant disc golf scene. Fort Collins, and the area, has many great courses. Edora Park being one of the most well-known courses in Colorado. Have you checked out the 9-hole course that Boltz Middle School has?


There's a new list out about disc golf, and that list put Fort Collins at #2 on a list of 10. Locations on the list range from Canada to Connecticut; having Fort Collins come "this" close to being #1 on the list, is pretty amazing.

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I've played many rounds of disc golf (Frisbee golf) in the Fort Collins area since taking up the game in the mid-'90's. Edora has always been a fun challenge, but the course out off Overland Trail, near where Hughes Stadium once stood, Aggie Greens, is fun as well. LaPorte has a great 9-hole at Cache la Poudre Junior High, and Loveland has a 9-hole course at Mehaffey Park

There are courses all over Northern Colorado, including Estes Park, Greeley, Longmont Johnstown, and others. One course in Fort Collins stands out as unique, and that's how it landed on this list of 10.

Facebook/The Biergarten, Fort Collins

UDisc, the app for disc golfers, has put out their list of 'Best Brewery Disc Golf Courses;'  the ULTRA DiscGolfPark course that's at the Anheuser-Busch Biergarten Experience made into the top 5 of the list, coming in at #2.

Facebook/The Biergarten, Fort Collins

To make the list, the courses had to either be owned/operated by a brewery or by an entity (such as a resort) that owns a brewery. Installed in 2020, the course at Anheuser-Busch made the cut, and got a ranking of 88.74/100 by UDisc and its app users.

The Ultra DiscGolfPark runs $6 for a day pass, an annual membership (when available) run about $50. As of this writing, I have yet to check out the Anheuser-Busch course.; hopefully I'll do that, soon.

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