Von Miller had a great ten-year career while with the Denver Broncos from 2011-2021, including being the MVP of Super Bowl 50 when Denver beat the Panthers 24-10. He now plays for Buffalo. Have you seen the new ad with him it it?

People in Denver and across Colorado truly miss seeing Von's smiling face, snappy attire and awesome talents; it's too bad things just didn't work out for him to start and end his career with the Broncos. Miller has always been an outspoken kind of player, so it makes a lot of sense that he's a part of this new campaign that looks to get Astroturf off the field.

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It's not often that you see Von Miller not wearing sunglasses. Really, it's only when he's on the field or the sidelines during a game that he doesn't wear some stylish shades. I, as well as many other Broncos fans, surely hope that he's enjoying playing for the Bills, now.

Towards the end of the 2022 season with Buffalo, Von tore his ACL which concluded his season. That torn ACL could be a part of why he is part of this new "anti-Astroturf" campaign.

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Most of the NFL's fields, including Buffalo's, are made of artificial turf (Astroturf), which Miller and other high-profile players are leading a charge against. Miller is featured in a recent commercial, that was timed to be released in conjunction with the 2023 NFL Draft (Miller was drafted 2nd Overall in the 2011 Draft.)

In the ad, Miller talks about how  injuries are inherent to the NFL, but those injuries should not be because of the playing surface.


Von presents that, while many players join the league knowing the risk of serious injury, it's time that all fields be made of real grass to prevent injuries due to playing on artificial grass.

[Until they bring back real grass] Draft Day will always be painful.

Von is one of several players who have joined this campaign with a lawn and garden care company to get the NFL to "flip the field" and put real grass on all of their fields. They're encouraging fans to sign the petition in getting real grass onto all of the NFL fields.

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