Rejoice, everyone; Prospect Road in Fort Collins is now open once again. At the beginning of the summer, the City of Fort Collins informed us that we would have to learn how to commute to I-25 without Prospect Road, and for the entire summer, we've been 'recalculating routes.'

It's been a pain in the butt, and as a millennial the best way that I know how to describe what the last three months have been like, it's in GIFS. (Because there is a GIF for everything).


Remember, if you can, back to a time when Prospect Road was open in both directions... Pictures

At the beginning of the summer, repairs began on the road, closing it down and blocking access to I-25 until the projected re-open date of August 31. We were like:

Then, this morning, we found out Prospect would be re-opening TODAY. Bros.

FIVE days ahead of schedule, too. So, Prospect - I-25 commuters, resume as you did before, and way to go, City of Fort Collins!