The list of Mexican restaurants in Colorado will be down one, as a great place (that you may never have heard of) is closing up.

After more than a decade of pleasing palates and cyclists, a place in Longmont won't be doing either, now. Considering Colorado is such an "active outdoors" state, It's really sad that they can't keep it going.

You might be surprised to find out who's been behind them after all this time, as well.

Over 40 premium tequilas, 20 craft beers on tap, great taqueria dishes, and a full-service bike shop. A unique spot, indeed, it's called CYCLHOPS Bike CANtina.

Who Started CyclHOPS in Longmont?

You would think that more people would know about this place, considering it was started by Dale Katechis, the founder of Oskar Blues Brewing.

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According to Thrillist, Dale started his own bike company, REEB Cycles, after getting one of his bikes stolen. A couple of years after that, in 2013, 25 years after beginning the highly successful Oskar Blues, he opened this Mexican restaurant and put the bike shop inside of it.

Cyclhops Bike Cantina
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Of course, CYCLHOPS has been serving up a lot of Oskar Blues beers, but they've carried many other craft beers as well. They've had live music, trivia nights, and Karaoke nights; It must have been a fun ride.

Why is CYCLHOPS Bike CANtina in Longmont Closing?

It just seams that after 10 years, the challenges of running the small business became too much:

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