Getting a good steak or a good meal in Colorado isn't terribly tough. When you hear that Colorado has a "most underrated" steakhouse, though, you have to check it out. You may find this place underrated, but it is not low on flavor and charm.

A great steakhouse serves not only great steaks, but has a great variety of other menu items. A great Colorado steakhouse is also going to tout its history of serving up great food. A great steakhouse in Colorado is also going to stay humble; maybe that's why this one rates as "underrated."


For a place that has been open since 1963, you would think it could be underrated, but that's how the folks at feel.

They examined every state's most "under-the-radar" steakhouse. Though they don't explain in great detail why the restaurants they highlight are under-the-radar or underrated, they seem to know each one well enough to say so.


Given that it is a bit off the beaten track, it could be that just not that many Coloradans have visited this particular restaurant in Jefferson County; its building was inspired by another building that was destroyed more than 150 years ago, Bent's Fort.

What is this underrated Colorado steakhouse?

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It's The Fort, near Red Rocks, 2 miles south of Morrison. Have you been?

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What was Bent's Fort?

Bent's Fort existed in southeastern Colorado as a fur trading post but was destroyed in 1849. Though the state of Colorado rebuilt Bent's Fort as a historic site and museum, you can see a very distinct resemblance to the fort at The Fort.

The husband and wife who created The Fort Restaurant had seen Bent's Fort in a book and hired an architect who knew about adobe construction to construct what would be part home and part restaurant.

They opened for business in 1963.

Notable menu items at The Fort:

  • "Bison" Eggs: Pickled quail eggs wrapped in buffalo sausage.
  • The "Game" Plate: Quail, elk medallion, buffalo sirloin medallion.
  • The "Incorrect" Steak: NY Strip with Mexican cheeses, red chile sauce, with a fried egg.
  • Gonzales Steak: NY Strip stuffed with New Mexican hatch green chiles, topped with fresh-grilled chile pod.
  • Award-Winning Pork Belly.

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