The 1970s were regarded by many as the "Decade of Decadence." Oddly, parents of the peace-and-love counterculture opted to choose very popular and somewhat conservative names.

Here's a list of Colorado's 15 most popular boy and girl names of the 1970s. The information was gathered by Stacker, utilizing data from the Social Security Administration.

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Colorado Of The 1970s

The 1970s are remembered for a number of things:

  • bell bottoms
  • a sexual revolution
  • ridiculous combinations of the colors brown and orange
  • corduroy pants
  • musical innovation
  • long lines at the gas pumps
  • technological innovations
  • economic struggles
  • Disco
  • lots of babies named Michael and Heather

Colorado's Most Popular Baby Names of the 1970s

The website put together long lists of the top 50 baby names for both boys and girls born in Colorado between 1970 and 1979. Information was gathered from data from the Social Security Administration.

How Did They Rank The Names?

Names were ranked by the number of babies born. For example, let's use the 50th most popular boy name from Colorado during the 1970s: Bryan

According to, between 1970 and 1979, a total of 890 babies born in Colorado were given the name Bryan. Nationally, the name Bryan came in at #46, with a total of 71,405 babies being given the name.

If you compare that to the years 2010 to 2019, the popularity of the name Bryan experienced a sharp drop of 66.3% in the state of Colorado. In that decade, a total of 300 babies were given the name.

Colorado Compared To The Rest Of The Nation

Take a look at the Social Security Administration's list of the nation's most popular baby names of the 1970s, and you'll notice striking similarities. When it comes to boy names, the top four in Colorado match the top four names across America, with two swapping places.

The 1970s were groovy, to say the least. Shag carpet, wood wall paneling, and classrooms across Colorado with four or five Jasons, Michaels, Lisas, and Jennifers in each one.

Coloado's Most Popular Baby Names of the 1970s

What can you say about the 1970s? Wood paneling, shag carpet, roller skates, pretending to be bionic, spending an eternity in the gas station line, and Saturday morning cartoons. Growing up in Colorado in the 70s, how many kids did you know by the name of Lisa, Jason, Michael, Michelle, or Heather?

According to, these were the 15 most popular boys' names, and 15 most popular girls' names in the state of Colorado for the decade.

Colorado's Most Popular Baby Names For 2021

Would you be surprised to learn the name Amelia is one of the most popular baby names in Colorado? How about Sebastian? That's on the list, too. Here's a look at the most popular baby names for the state of Colorado for the year 2021, based on the number of Social Security card applications.

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