According to The Denver Channel, the Pine Gulch Fire near Grand Junction was hot enough that it started to produce lighting. 

While we're hoping for a good rain storm, lighting is presenting even more of a threat to fires currently burning in Colorado. The cloud-to-cloud lighting many saw this week wasn't caused by a thunderstorm, but rather 'a product of pyrocumulus clouds' The Denver Channel said, which happens when moisture crosses an 'intense heat source.'

Read more from The Denver Channel here.

The National Weather Service in Grand Junction shared a video of the lighting storm caused by the nearby wildfire. The tweet, shared earlier this week, says that the Pine Gulch Fire is the third-largest wildfire in Colorado history, however, this week it surpassed the 2012 High Park Fire, and is now the second largest.

Currently, there are several wildfires burning in Colorado, with the Pine Gulch Fire on the Western Slope, the Williams Fork Fire in Grand County, the Grizzly Creek Fire in Glenwood Springs and the Cameron Peak Fire west of Fort Collins all being the most prominent.

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