There are many of us who believe that there is life in outer space, while the rest of us need more proof. But what if that proof was caught on video in Colorado?

When you look at the list of sightings that have occurred over the years, there have been many that happened on the western side of the country.

While many of us here about the sightings in the state of Nevada, Colorado has had it's share of extra-terrestrial stories that have made us wonder.

Have you ever taken a good look at Youtube to see some of the videos that people have posted, and what they believe could be signs that there are more lifeforms other than what we have on Earth?

Check out some of the videos below to see what some people have seen throughout the state, and use your judgment on if you think they are true or not.

Who knows...the next time you have your camera rolling you may experience what these people have experienced below.



  • 1

    Boulder, CO Sighting

    This video was published back in February, 2016. If you look quickly, you could think that it was just a plane flying into Denver International Airport.

    But was it really?

  • 2

    Colorado Mountains UFO

    Hmmm...this definitely looks like something strange being seen over the Colorado mountains. Do you think that this has carried life from another planet?

  • 3

    Colorado Springs Strange Lights

    This video comes from 2014 and the city of Colorado Springs. Admittedly, if I saw these three lights in the sky it would definitely weird me out.

  • 4

    Denver Sighting

    Honestly, I don't think this video shows us anything. But I could be wrong, so I want you to use your judgement on it. Was this person really seeing a UFO on the night he was taping?

  • 5

    Thornton Sighting

    This comes from September, 2015 and admittedly there is something weird about this video that it can't be looked over. But could it just be a planet?

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