Homelessness is a problem that is facing most cities across the country, including here in Colorado. There are numerous grocery stores or parks that we can mention right now that will have a large homeless population nearby. It's that information that makes it easier to wrap our heads around the fact that according to KREX, Colorado now has the 11th highest rate of homelessness in America and grew almost 2% annually.

These facts were released today by security.com after they conducted a study on the state of homelessness in 2021, this data was accompanied by the Department of Housing and Urban Development releasing more of the same information just last month.

How Does Denver's Homelessness Rate Compare to the Rest of the State of Colorado?

When compared to all other U.S. cities Denver ranks 38th highest with its homelessness rate. This averages out to 203 homeless people to every 100,000 people in their population. The whole state of Colorado has 174 homeless people to every 100,000 in the population. Which makes sense that you would see a higher homelessness rate near the biggest city in our state.

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What States Had the Highest and Lowest Homelessness Rates in 2021?

Interestingly enough it's actually Washington D.C. that has the highest homelessness rate of anywhere in the country. Behind D.C. is New York, Hawaii, California, and rounding out the top five is Oregon. The lowest homelessness rate in our country goes to Mississippi. Followed by Louisiana, Alabama, Virginia, and North Dakota. It's also interesting to note that the homelessness population for the country has increased each of the last four years.

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