It's that one special meal that you want as perfect as possible. While the gathering of family and the sharing of love and thankfulness fills the air, so does the aroma of an excellent meal prepared with great thought and strategy.

Selecting the right turkey can is the big first step. Size and price are major criteria, but freshness is also very important. It's not the easiest thing to judge the freshness on a frozen turkey, so why not go farm fresh?

Here are some locations in Colorado that offer farm fresh turkeys:

Peterson Turkey Farm - 3605 S. Carr St. Denver, CO 80235
Open daily 9am-8pm
Phone: (303) 989-3893
There is no website for this business. They do have a 4.8 out of 5 Google rating. The review comments are consistent in describing the turkeys as very fresh, clean and tasty. One reviewer also commented on their soup. 

Jodar Farms - 5100 E. County Road 48. Fort Collins, CO 80524
Phone: (970) 391-2825
Jodar Farms has a 5 out of 5 Google rating, but that's based on two reviews. They are a local farm for free range chicken and turkeys. Their website says that their poultry is raised outdoors with access to shelter. "This allows the birds to get plenty of exercise and fresh air with the opportunity to feed on insects and seeds".

Long Shadow Farm - 101 Bothun Rd. Berthoud, CO 80513
From their website: "We raise turkeys during the summer and fall, and have them available specifically for Thanksgiving weekend. Our turkeys are brooded in the barn, like our chickens, and then move outside. Turkeys are very self-sufficient, and they are given food, and shelter, but have free range of our property."

Serendipity Farm - 8417 N Foothills Hwy, Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: (303) 719-4484
From their website: "We are raising Narragansett turkeys this year.   Turkeys will be $9 / lb this year and a $75 deposit is required.  Pick up day will be November 20".

Walton's Organic Heritage Turkey - 67901 E Jefferson Place, Byers, CO 80103
Phone: (206) 914-1913
From their website: "Our turkeys are fed an organically certified diet, which means the feed is required be non-GMO and each ingredient is also grown organically, using no chemical additives on the land where it is grown. In addition to this, we also supplement the diet with organically certified red peppers to keep the poultry immune system happy and our own grown organically certified barley grass.  As a result the birds  are more juicy and better tasting".

Carries Clucks - 35484 CR 49. Eaton, CO
Phone: (970) 213-4902
From their website: We have both Heritage turkeys, 10-20 lbs, and the Broad-Breasted turkeys 15-30 lbs. If you have a certain size you would like, such as a very large turkey let us know, and we can try to accomodate".

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