I'm not entirely sure who got the worst end of this deal. It's either the couple that came to look at a deep freezer being sold by a new homeowner who was selling the previous owner's left behind junk - or the new homeowner themselves. Nobody had a good day.

Imagine finding a freezer posted for sale online and going to look at it, take home, plug in, and store your meat and other frozen goods. You decide it's nice enough and make a deal to take it home. But to move it, you have to empty it, so you start taking all that frozen meat out of the fridge. Then you find a black bag. Red flag, right? Definitely.

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Turns out, inside the bag was a human head and a pair of hands - like something right out of a horror story. The thing is, the new homeowners were just selling a bunch of junk left behind by the previous homeowners, including the freezer.

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I feel like it would be rough being the couple looking to buy the freezer, but assuming its contents were indeed there when the new homeowner bought the place, that person has to be pretty freaked out too.

The scene unfolded in a home near Grand Junction, located in the 2900 block of Pinyon Avenue. The Mesa County Sheriff's Office says that the coroner's report confirms the frozen parts are a human head and hands.

Authorities searched the rest of the property looking for other body parts, but none were found. Obviously, the case is now being investigated as a homicide.

9News interviewed the neighbor who lives across the street and managed to capture some video of how it all went down.

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