If you've been looking for where to find great French fries in Colorado, your search may be over. Grab a napkin, and get ready to drool over these fries.

These fries aren't some fries you're going to find at a run-of-the-mill fast-food joint, either. For these, you're going to be headed to a place that isn't part of a chain, but their fries are "off the chain."

French Fries

French fries date back to the mid-1600's in Belgium, where some "food genius" came up with the idea of frying up strips of potatoes. Here we are hundreds of years later, and the world has not tired of them.

We could sit and argue whether McDonald's, Wendy's, or Runza have the best French fries (it definitely isn't Burger King,) but that would be moot, as LoveFood.com says the best French Fries in the state cannot be found at any of those joints.

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Where Are Wyoming's Best French Fries?

LoveFood.com, the folks that put the full list together, says that you'll find The Cowboy State's best fries in Laramie, at The Crowbar & Grill.

How Did LoveFood.com Put Together This List?

They based their list of the "Best French Fries in Every U.S. State" on user reviews, accolades, and first-hand experiences. It's hard to imagine a LoveFood staffer being in Laramie, but, maybe.

Where Are Colorado's Best French Fries?

In Denver, a little east of I-25, you'll find a major thoroughfare, Broadway; Broadway is home to a lot of great restaurants, including the one with the state's best fries: Adrift.

What is Adrift?

When you find out that Adrift is a Tiki bar, the name begins to make sense: Adrift, like "adrift at sea."

One thing that makes this Tiki bar stand out, is that they don't allow kids:

In order to provide an authentic craft cocktail experience for as many guests as possible, we are exclusively a 21 and over establishment.

Adrift Tiki Bar in Denver

What are Their French Fries?

They have only one French fry item on the menu, the Volcano Fries, $8.

Adrift's Volcano Fries

From LoveFood.com:

Adrift batters its Volcano Fries before frying, then tosses them, while hot, in a devilishly delicious secret seasoning. Served with a chili aioli, these spicy French fries pair perfectly with the sweet and tart drinks on the menu.


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