It's good knowing that Colorado has a place that's been noted for being the best at doing steaks. When you spend your hard-earned money on a steak, you want to make sure it's worth it.

Without question, there are dozens and dozens of good and great places to sit down for a succulent steak; but if you're looking for a place that stands out, you'll want to get a table at the only Colorado location that this top-ranked steakhouse chain has.

Come hungry, but also be prepared to spend a few dollars; quality does not come cheap.

What is your favorite cut of steak? Ribeye? New York Strip? T-Bone? How about filet mignon? When a steak is prepared correctly, any cut of meat can be delicious.

Of course, as with any quality steakhouse, you'll also find great pork chops and seafood, at this Colorado steakhouse. You can even take some steaks home to grill on your own, if you so choose.

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In May of 2024, the team at listed 13 steakhouses, ranked "worst to best;" a baker's dozen of well-known and lesser-known steakhouses. Names like Morton's, Ruth's Chris, and Fleming's, to name a few.

The Best Steakhouse Chain in America Has One Location in Denver, Colorado

It looks like you have another reason to hit Denver, as Chowhound found that The Capital Grille is the best steakhouse in America, and Downtown Denver is the only place in Colorado where you'll find one.

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Near the intersection of 15th and Larimer in Denver, you'll find Colorado's location of The Capital Grille, which has over 20 locations across America. You can't miss the lion outside the Denver spot.

The Capital Grille - Denver
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Personally, I have been in The Capital Grille in Denver; a date and I stopped in for a couple of drinks before a concert. We'd already spent enough money on concert tickets, so we decided to just have drinks. It definitely has a great vibe and great décor.

The next time I go, I'll be getting one of their dry-aged (18-24 days) steaks; probably the NY Strip, which is about $60.

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