The man has been an institution when it comes to great hot dogs in the Denver area since 2005, but now is done with the empire that he created.

If you haven't tried his hot dogs, you've probably at least heard of him. Now, in no small part due to the pandemic, he'll be stepping away. What will become of the beloved hot dog businesses he created and cared for all these years?

Whether it's a lesson about doing "due diligence," when it comes to business deals, or just a story of good things coming to an end, it's all very sad.

Founder of Denver's Biker Jim's Steps Down

Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs has been a food destination for Denverites and travelers alike since he had just the one cart on the 16th Street Mall in 2005.

These are not just "hot dogs", these gourmet hot dogs: Ostrich, wild boar, and  rattlesnake for example. The man has been putting out food that is a carnivore's dream, with enthusiasm and friendliness.

The guy is very, very likable; that's part of why the business succeed so, for so many years.

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The COVID-19 Pandemic Brought Hard Decisions for the Hot Dog King of Denver

According to WestWord, the pandemic, like it did many restaurants, wiped out Jim's finances for the business. In 2020, he partnered with a businessman he had known, making that person CEO and giving them control of Biker Jim's.

That began the true downfall of Biker Jim's, in Jim's (and others) opinion. One of the instances of things not working as they should have, is how Biker Jim's hadn't kept up on nearly $1 million in fees due to Ball Arena, and that partnership ended.

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With that, and other situations going on with Biker Jim's, on June 17, 2024, Jim bid farewell to his brain child:

I've had Biker Jim's dogs a couple of times; it's a delicious adventure. This is a horrible shame that Jim, himself, is now out of the picture.

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