The Mile High City, Denver - Would you believe that it got its name based on a man living only 925 feet above sea level?

Having lived in Colorado most of my life, it just never occurred to me as to how Denver got to be called Denver. It's just always been 'Denver.'

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In November of 1858, the founders of what we call The Mile High City decided to call their new town 'Denver.' It turns out that they did so as a way to 'suck up' to the governor of the Kansas Territory.

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According to 9News, former general James William Denver was the Governor of the Kansas Territory (where Denver resided) from May 12, 1858, until July 3, 1858; but according to 9News, the founders hadn't heard yet that Denver was not in office any longer.

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What exactly the founders hoped to get out of naming their town after Denver is unclear.

Denver Could Have Been Called Something Completely Different

If the founders had only decided to name the city a little later that year, The Mile High City might have been dubbed "Medary."Samuel Medary was the man who came in after Denver to govern the territory.

The Medary Broncos; it sounds weird, doesn't it?

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