The broadband utility that Fort Collins had been working on for years finally has a name. At a celebration Thursday, the city unveiled some plans and the name for the network: Connexion.

When the service in available (limited availability in 2019 and citywide by 2021), there will be three tiers available: 1 gigabit-per-second for $70, 50 megabits-per-second for $50, and a lower tier for "affordable" internet, according to the Coloradoan.

Colin Garfield, one of the major players in the voter-approved initiative, said that the broadband would protect privacy and net neutrality, according to the Coloradoan.

The Coloradoan story also said the city hasn't decided where it will begin the build out as of yet due to competing broadband providers such as Comcast and CenturyLink taking advantage of the information.


SOURCE: The Coloradoan

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