A classic email scam in which someone pretending to be from the Federal Trade Commission tells you you're under investigation is making the rounds again.

The FTC says if you receive one of these emails, which instructs you to follow a link for more information, to not click the link and report the email to them.

"Sometimes, the emails are phishing scams designed to collect personal information, including your email and IP addresses - information that could be used to commit identity theft," says FTC Consumer Education Specialist Ari Lazarus. "Other times, the links are used to install malware on your computer, which can make your device crash, or let the scammer monitor and control your online activity, steal your personal information, send spam, and commit fraud."

If one of these emails lands in your inbox, you can forward it to spam@uce.gov, which is the FTC's address for spam. Adding it to their database helps the FTC bring legal cases involving scams promoted through email. However, they say the most important thing to do is to simply delete the email.

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