According to the Colorado State Court Administrator’s Office, thousands of Coloradans had their confidential and personal information, including social security numbers, accidentally exposed on the Colorado Judicial Department's website. 

The error came to light after someone in Alaska contacted the State Court Administrator’s Office to let them know that they were able to easily access samples of Colorado jury files on the Colorado Judicial Department’s internal website, by just searching for someone's name online. Upon being notified, the SCAO shut down entry to their internal site. Although immediate action was taken, the SCAO says that jury files containing information of 41,140 Coloradans were accessed externally. Since the mistake, the SCAO has taken necessary measures to enhance their online security and also want the public to know that this was not the result of any sort of malicious attack.

The exposed sample jury lists were said to be from residents in Weld County (15,001 names), Pueblo County (15,001 names), Rio Grande County (8,878 names), and Crowley County (2,260 names). Anyone from these counties who's name appeared on the lists will be contacted directly by the State Court Administrator’s Office with details about the incident and advice on how to monitor their credit information.

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