Every single day more of our lives move online. We can now get our groceries online, our clothes sent directly to our homes and even find a mate. Unfortunately, like ordering clothes online, there can be a lot of problems. Below I give you 5 of the worst things about online dating. However, sometimes you get those new jeans and they fit perfect. Full disclosure my fiance and I met on Instagram and we've been together for almost seven years. My biggest piece of advice is just be honest. Always be honest... with everybody. - Michael

1. People are liars

The global research agency OpionionMatters found that over 1,000 online daters lied on their online profile. Women lied more than men, mostly about their looks. 20% of women admitted to posting pictures of their younger selves. Men mostly lied about their financial situation and about having a better job than they actually do.

2. On a dating app? You must be looking to jump into bed, right?

One of the biggest problems with online dating for women is that many men are gross. In our current world of online dating most men (and many people) aren't looking for a relationship. Jordan just informed me that most of the messages she gets are from rude, gross, horny guys who want to see her "pretty princess feet". (not kidding) Come on guys, we can do better.

3. Scams

The internet is a place that is constantly changing. If anyone ever tells you "I know it all", they're lying. That's why you should always be wary of fake people, fake profiles, and scams. Most scams are bad people trying to separate you from your money by any means possible. They'll follow you, pretend to be interested in you and then use your emotions against you. Always be on alert for someone who asks for personal information. Also, never give out your personal email address, phone number or personal home address unless your sure of who you're messaging.

4. Online relationships don’t last

At least 1/3 of everyone who uses online dating sites have never met or went out with someone they met on a dating site. In this current state of dating the likes and "you're gorgeous" messages are seen as an ego boost and most people don't even message someone back.

From PyschologyToday.com:

According to research conducted at Michigan State University, relationships that start out online are 28% more likely to break down in their first year, than relationships where the couples first met face-to-face. And it gets worse. Couples who met online are nearly 3 times as likely to get divorced as couples that met face-to-face.


5. Online dating makes people judgemental and picky

When you have the option to swipe left/right on thousands of beautiful people you begin to feel entitled. Not only are we focusing on looks vs character, but we're creating a judgemental habit that will follow us into the real world. The US Association of Psychological Science found that "reviewing multiple candidates causes people to be more judgemental, and inclined to dismiss a not-quite-perfect candidate."

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