They have demos of how these bars can serve many more people than the standard 'human' tended bars. The volume/speed does come at a cost to consumers, when it comes to privacy.

You know how you like your drinks, and you like to have control over that. Those would be good reasons to embrace these available 'space technology' bars. On the other hand you don't like giving out too much of your privacy. How do you think you'll roll when it comes to this new offering,  these automated bars at Mile High?

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This will definitely be great for the lady Broncos fans, in my opinion, as women are more likely to want to enjoy a cocktail over a beer when it comes to catching a game at Mile High. Beer drinkers will need to still go up to the standard bars, for now. Maybe, usual beer drinkers will opt for a cocktail if it means getting back to their seat faster. We'll have to see.

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These new bars, according to 9News will be located in three places: one on the lower level, one on the upper level, and one on the west Club Level. Will that be enough? I'm betting that there will be more for next season, as these catch on with fans. On the other hand, some may see the 'hoops' as being to invasive to jump through for the convenience.


At the TendedBar bars you'll be able to quickly select which cocktail drink you'd like, including which mixer you'd like added, pay with just your face, and be on your way. It's all beneficial for the operator, because the units pour the exact amount, whether you're wanting a "single" or a "double" and they do it quickly and cleanly. Another part that makes things quicker is by having your information uploaded prior to being there, including your photo.


Above, I'm letting TendedBar have a picture of me on file. That's where the "hoops" come in. I also provided a picture of my ID and entered my payment information. They want all my information in their system, so that whenever I approach any TendedBar, the unit will scan my face and bring up my ID, and my payment information; it's part of their "Biometric Policy." There won't be any way around this; either you do it ahead of time, or you do it when you get to your first unit at Mile HIgh.

Another "hoop" is that TenderBar will be keeping track of the amount of drinks your face purchases, and then prohibiting you from buying anymore after a certain amount.

I know more than a couple of people who would rather just go without a cocktail, completely, than give TendedBar their personal information like that. However, if you want to get ahead of the game, all you have to do is follow their QR code, below.


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