The Denver Broncos started the season off on fire winning their first 3 games, since's all gone downhill...FAST. I'm well aware and continuing to understand the significance of losing ALL four of your starting linebackers to injury which leaves massive holes in the defense when it comes to stopping the other team's running game and even some of the passing game as well. I get it...I respect it but there just seems to be more than that causing this swift decline.

In 3 of the 4 losses, the Broncos have started slow and I'm not talking about a little bit slow, I'm talking sloth slow and with the sense of urgency of a sloth as well.

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Combined in all four losses, the Broncos have been outscored 61-20 in the first half. It doesn't matter WHO you're playing in the NFL, if you consistently are putting yourself in that deep of a hole early in the game, it's gonna be bad news and it's been REALLY bad for the Broncos.

The most infuriating thing about this whole thing is the team's lack of energy at so many points in these games that they've lost. This team is way too good (on paper) there is way too much talent on that roster to have this happening.  They have the players who can make plays and it shows when they make their typical comebacks in the second half but those have been too little too late because of the mistakes and holes they dig for themselves in the first half.

The secondary is THE highest paid secondary in the NFL and they're simply not getting it done. While I never want to see anyone lose their job, I feel like changes need to be made and need to made swiftly in order to have any sort of chance at being relevant for the remainder of the season.

So...Dear Denver Broncos, here are my thoughts...people need to be fired and changes need to be made. I hate to say it and I hate to see anyone lose their job but when you have fans who pay good money for tickets and merchandise, you HAVE to get people in there who can put a better product on the field. The Denver Broncos are and have been a proud franchise for many years, one of the best in the NFL and Broncos Country, some of the best fans in ANY sport deserve better than what's been being put out there over the past several years.

We have some really good talent on the roster and the results aren't showing and mistakes are being made across the board, and it just seems like the team is lackluster for big chunks of games and that's not all! It's time for some changes and these are my the ultimate armchair quarterback on the outside looking in...

The Coaches:

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Every week (in my humble opinion) it seems as though the team is not coming out with a sense of urgency and nothing seems to change in terms of scheme and play calling and for THAT, it has to come down on the coach. Sure, the players aren't executing but it seems like they're not being put in really good positions to succeed as well. If something ain't working, you gotta change it up and things aren't and haven't been working for about a month now. Head Coach Vic Fangio has been a tremendous defensive coordinator for many years in the NFL but the past 3 years have shown that being a head coach is much different and there have been numerous head scratching moments over the years and that simply can't happen anymore. Vic and offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, whose play calling is extremely stagnant, they both just need to go.  A change has to be made, time for a fresh start. We wish you best Vic and Pat.

The Offense:

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Teddy Bridgewater started off great and I still don't think he's THE problem. He hasn't been great but then again, he's NEVER been great over the years. He's been solid but now, with the lack of a running game which floors me because we have two damn good running backs in Melvin Gordon and Javonte Willams, the QB needs to provide some big plays and that's just not Teddy's game. Teddy is not THE problem but I don't think he's the answer as well. At this point, the Broncos need to start fresh and give Drew Lock another shot but I don't think he's the answer either. The Broncos running game or lack there of is a HUGE factor in why the offense is struggling so much. I don't think Lock is the answer either but he should get a shot to make something happen. My advice to the Broncos brass...GET A LONG TERM ANSWER for QB.

The Defense:

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When Josey Jewell went down in week 2, not too many people thought much of it, sure he's a really good player but I don't think anyone realized just how important he was/is in the grand scheme of the defense, especially the running game. Throw in injuries to the other 3 starting linebackers and that's going to be hard for any defense to overcome but the most worrysome part of the defense for me is the highest paid secondary in the NFL that's constantly getting burned with big plays and missing tackles. Not all! There's way too much talent back there to be giving up so many big plays and giving up so many points. Whether it's scheme, players or a little of both...changes simply have to be made.


Special Teams:

Our kicker Brandon McManus is awesome!

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So here we are, sitting at 3-4 in a 17 game schedule. This season is NOT over, it's close but it's not. NOT with the amount of talent this team has on the roster (even with the injuries on defense) but the time is now to regroup and re-energize this team and fanbase but I don't think that can happen unless some changes are made.

The trade deadline is coming up in a couple of weeks and if they can get some help replacing a couple of the players injured and get some fresh schemes for both the offense AND defense, I think it could help, I's certainly worth a shot.


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