Those who have been waiting and waiting for Aldi to come to Colorado may be in luck. With them having 12,000 stores worldwide, it does seem silly that they're not in Colorado, already.

If you grew up in Colorado, you may not know too much about Aldi; if you grew up in the southeastern U.S, you've been missing them.

The huge company is looking to make moves, which could mean them finally coming to Colorado.

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Aldi is based out of Germany, with stores in nearly 20 countries and nearly 40 U.S. states. It's "high time" that they put one of their discount grocery stores in the Centennial State.

Why Might Aldi Be Coming to Colorado?

It was announced on March 7, 2024, that Aldi will be bringing 800 more stores to America; according to NBC News, they've also acquired the well-known Winn-Dixie chain of stores.

While many Winn-Dixies will become Aldi stores, some will remain as they are, which is good news; Winn-Dixie is a part of America's heritage.

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Will the 800 New Aldi Stores Include Colorado?

According to NBC News, the company plans to: or expand hundreds of Aldi locations in the company's existing Northeast and Midwest strongholds, as well as in the western U.S. and Southern California. A first Las Vegas location is planned, too.

When you hear "western U.S." you have to be very optimistic about Colorado being home to at least one of those new stores.

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What is So Great About Aldi?

Bottom line: They have great [low] prices, because most of the items on their shelves are their own name brand. You won't find Kellogg's, or Kleenex, but you will find the same quality at a lower price.

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