They grow up so fast. One day you're changing their diaper and watching them take their first steps, the next thing you know your child is the mayor and he needs the car for a city council meeting. This could be the case in Montezuma, Colorado.

Benjamin Goff is a high school senior who has already received the necessary signatures (He needed 10, but got a few more just in case) to be on the ballot for the mayoral election this April. There are 40 full-time residents in Montezuma and 9 people running for the office. No word on the number of absentee ballots.

With stiff competition and limited votes, marketing would be important in getting his name out there. He can answer that with his poster. It's a hand-drawn poster with block letters that reads: "Vote Goff Mayor - Make Montezuma Great Again." The poster was an art project at school. As for the slogan, Goff admits that's not actually his campaign slogan and is looking for a new one so as to not get into "a Twitter war with the President."

He does have a vision for the town should he find himself at the helm. He's focused on the town's water tank for fire emergencies, make sure they're on good terms with the Summit County Sheriff's Office, and to do something about the dust that's a problem during the warmer months.

SOURCE: Denver Post

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