Colorado, and the nation, are going cuckoo over those Stanley tumblers. It's madness, especially with that special one you could only get at Target.

How about we support Colorado-based drink container companies?

Nothing against Stanley; it's great that they've excited the market with that Quencher H2.0 tumbler. But you could get yourself a great cup/tumbler and help support a Colorado company.

Win, win, right?

Stanley tumblers promo photo

Stanley products have been around since 1913, making all sorts of thermoses, food storage containers, and water bottles. Water bottles are a big thing these days, as we all try to steer away from those plastic disposable bottles.

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Stanley is making "hand over fist" these days with their Quenchers. Since 2019, the company's revenues have gone from $70 million to $750 million; it's almost insane.

If you love your 40 oz. Quencher, that's great. Everyone seems to have at least one of those $40-$45 tumblers in their possession, maybe having a different colored one for each day of the week.


Maybe it's time that we take a step back and look at a couple of companies based here in Colorado that make personal water bottles, too. You can be "hip" in the sense that you're a Coloradan buying Colorado products to stay hydrated.


Colorado Water Bottle

Founded and headquartered in Fort Collins, Otterbox has grown and grown since 1998. Not only do they manufacture phone cases, but they have a great selection of drinkware, as well. The above 20 oz. tumbler runs about $30, with many accessories you can get to make it just right for you.


Colorado Water Bottle

Started in Boulder in 2009, Ecovessels are very unique, especially the "Boulder" vessel, above. They have a strainer for tea, fruit, and ice so you can accent your water. The strap makes it easy to carry around, too. The 24 oz. tumbler runs about $37.

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