Just about everybody in Colorado loves pizza of some sort, though we may not all agree on what toppings to get on a shared pie. These places seem to be doing it right.

It's a comfort food: A hot slice of pizza with your favorite toppings can turn your whole day, if not week, around. When traveling around Colorado, here are some places you need to stop in.

Sure, you could get pizza at hundreds of places in Colorado, from big chains to small "Mom and Pop" type locations. If we're talking about "hidden gems" however, this list is going to take you to places you probably have not heard of.


How did we put this list together? We used Yelp!, and searched out 4-star pizzas with "not a lot" of reviews. Doing so would indicate that these places are worth your trip, but "hidden gems."


We searched for pizza in Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Grand Junction.

Take a look:

15 Hidden Gem Pizza Joints in Colorado

We searched out pizza in Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, Colorado Springs and Grand Junction.

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