An 11-year-old girl was unfortunately killed in a sledding accident last week in Colorado.

The girl, whose name has yet to be released, was being towed by a 2018 Ford F-250 pickup truck along with four other children when the driver came to an abrupt stop after one of the children fell off of their sled. The girl and her sled then slid underneath the truck and ran into the undercarriage where she was badly injured.

The man driving the truck, Jaramillo Herrera, was towing the children on eastbound Park County Road 60 on Friday which, at the time, was snow-packed enough for the children's' sleds to be able to glide on the road. The sleds were attached to the truck by tow straps.

It's unclear as to the relation of the victim or the other children's relation to Herrera, but it has been reported that Herrera was visiting Park County, Colorado from Texas.

Upon sliding underneath the truck and suffering serious injuries, the 11-year-old girl succumbed to said injuries and unfortunately passed away shortly thereafter.

Drugs and alcohol do not seem to be contributing factors in the tragic accident, which is still under investigation by the Colorado State Patrol.

Although there were four children aboard the sleds that were strapped to the back of the truck, there were no other injuries reported aside from the 11-year-old girl that unfortunately lost her life.

The unfortunate accident appears to be just that, an accident, but the case is still open and under investigation by the Colorado State Patrol.

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