A weather-induced auto accident in Evansville resulted in one person being life flighted to Denver.

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That's according to Evansville Chief of Police Mike Thompson.

According to his report, at approximately 12:30 P.M. Wednesday, police, fire and EMS units were advised by dispatch of a vehicle vs pedestrian accident off of ramp I-25 at approximately Mile Post 185. This is the area where Wyoming Boulevard turns into Curtis Street in Evansville.

"Upon arrival, there was a Class B Box Truck and a tan Buick car in the northbound median," Chief Thompson stated. "The car was up in the fence line and there was significant damage. There was an occupant, a driver, who was laying in the ditch with people around her who had some coats over this individual. The Box Truck was just a little bit to the west, where it came to its resting spot."

According to Chief Thompson, the driver of the Buick had slid on the ice and came to a stop on the side of the road. She was outside of her car, making a phone call to her sister, a resident of Natrona County. While the pedestrian stood outside of her car, the Box Truck came off of I-25 at a rate a speed that was too fast for the conditions.

"He realized he was going too fast for the conditions and went off the ramp into the grass area, about 682 feet in the ditch to the west, or left side, of the off-ramp, before coming back onto the off-ramp," Chief Thompson said. "At that point, the vehicle started to slide and basically lost traction. He collided with the car and the pedestrian who was outside, which sent the car down into the right-of-way fence line and the pedestrian landed on the ground, about 30 to 35 feet from the point of impact."

Chief Thompson stated that Evansville Police units were dispatched to the scene, as was the Natrona County Sheriff's Office and the Casper Police Department. Two medical units arrived on scene as well.

:"[The pedestrian] was immediately taken to the Wyoming Medical Center," Chief Thompson said. "She is being life flighted to Denver due to significant injuries."

Chief Thompson stated that the driver of the Box Truck agreed to a blood test request. Thompson cited this tragic situation as a reminder to drive carefully.

"With these weather conditions, people need to slow down, pay attention, get off their phones, and pay attention," he said.

No other information is known at this time, but K2 Radio News will provide updates as they become available. .

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