Ever say, "Shoot, another losing scratch ticket?" The Northern Colorado area is set to be a winner because of the lottery, so maybe you shouldn't feel so bad.

Though many may say the area seem more like the Windsor area, the City of Greeley has put up much more than Windsor to purchase the nearly 1,000 acres. Great Outdoors, funded by the Colorado Lottery, also helped in purchasing the $8.5 million worth of land.

The Trust for Public Land, the City of Greeley and Great Outdoors Colorado announced recently, that 975 acres along the cache la Poudre River between Windsor and Greeley have been acquired. The area is north of Highway 34, with Highway 257 running through the middle of it.

The Shur View plan envisions the area as not only a buffer zone, separating Windsor an Greeley, but a hub of outdoor recreation for Northern Colorado, while also providing a habitat for the area's wildlife. This purchase doubles Greeley's open space, to 2,000 acres; again, I would be one considering this EXTRENE western Greeley.

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Though the initial plan does include 17 miles of hiking and biking trails (as well as eventually connecting to the existing Poudre River Trail,) they will be seeking the public's input as to what the recreation area should hold. They're promising great views of the Rocky Mountains throughout.

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One interesting part, is that Missile Site Park is within the Shur View property area. The nuclear warhead missile was removed and the site deactivated in 1965; it was then that the military turned the site over to Weld County. Years ago, westbound Highway 34 had a 'spur' that took you passed the site before connecting to Highway 257. You can still see signs of the 'spur' today.

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