It seems that there might be a new daytime talk-show host in the works. Could it be Katie Couric? Well,  it's just a rumor now, but I found some information that has all signs pointing toward Katie Couric starting her own talk-show. Could Couric be the new 'Queen of Daytime?'


As the brilliant Katie Couric nears the end of a five-year contract that paid her $15 million this year alone, sources tell me the former queen of morning TV is already mapping out her next job: filling the talk-show void when Oprah ends her show.

"No doubt, Oprah leaving her show is going to cause a huge gap in daytime talk, and the only person who could hope to fill her shoes is Katie Couric," a TV insider tells me. "Katie is going to bolt CBS News when her contract expires and start a new chapter of her TV life. Everyone knows she has the talent; now it's just finding the right show for her to do and surrounding herself with the best people to pull it all together."

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