When my wife Sarah heard that Oprah was touring, she really wanted to go.

I know exactly how she feels. Super Soul Sunday is to her what a powder day is to me. Those things are our respective passions. We are going to be there. We are going to be ready. She'll be on the couch with her coffee (she hasn't switched to chai yet, but I suspect after this weekend, she will) and notebook. I'll be at the base of the mountain with my cold weather gear and image capturing accoutrements.

It's a passion for which we'll travel, so as we realized that Oprah wasn't coming to Denver, Sarah would have to do just that.

Oprah, because of her show Super Soul Sunday, looms large in the creation of Sarah's legend. 3 years ago she hated her job, had no concept of a future in which she had any control, and was, like many of us, on her way to becoming resigned.

But then, something shifted. We took a look at what was happening in our lives and decided that we wanted something more, something different, and we gave ourselves permission to seek it.

We found the modern personal development movement through the movie The Secret. Then we took a year long class with a master life coach. We came to believe in continuing education, and attending seminars every year. We read, we wrote and we tried.

Sarah stumbled upon Super Soul Sunday right around the time we started all this, and it was perfect because Oprah talks to the thought and wisdom leaders of our world about happiness, success, failure, the journey, etc. All that fuzzy feeling stuff that can sound really hippy dippy but many understand and relate to.

The people that this show brought in to our experience has helped us a lot in the last few years. For Sarah, Marianne Williamson and Marie Forleo have had a big impact. For me, it was Oprah's interview with Phil Jackson that continues to inspire me (I'm going to listen to 11 Rings by Phil on my way to Greeley Subaru this morning).