I can rattle off facts about Alanis Morrissette without even thinking about it.

She held a record for the biggest selling debut album by a female of all time in the 90's. Taking that crown from Whitney Houston, Alanis' record Jagged Little Pill was a must have for most women.

It was such a great record about heartbreak that it seemed like women wanted to get dumped so that they could sink themselves into it. It spoke so loudly and so clearly to people about this subject that if you were a teen or beyond in the 90's, you will remember the way this piece of pop culture affected America.

While she never followed it up with anything that resonated with the pubic the way Pill did, Alanis is still a major player. Oprah will talk with her about all of these things and more on this Sunday's edition of my family's favorite show, Super Soul Sunday!